Babel: Birth of an Empire

Atlantis is lost,
but its legacy lives on...

A thousand years of technological and societal development, lost in a night. The race of mankind, once prolific and hale, brought to the brink of extinction. And yet the world is finally at peace. The survivors of the cataclysm — hunters and farmers and sheepherders — have begun to rebuild, poised to spread out and reclaim the world that was once theirs.

If not for the birth of a new demigod.

History will remember him by many names: Theseus the Founder. Gilgamesh the King. Nimrod the City Builder. Sargon the Great. Wielding both charisma and the sword, he will unite mankind like never before... and under his leadership, mankind will embark upon an undertaking unlike any since the days of the old world.

What he cannot know is that the conflict he incites was first born long ago, between powers even greater than he... and these immortal beings may not have his best interests at heart.

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